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Art direction, Design, Photography

I had the opportunity to work with Canadian boot maker, Kodiak Boots, to entirely redesign their brand.  Kodiak has been around for more than 100 years and has an incredible history of providing quality work safety footwear, and more recently, lifestyle footwear. Our approach was to strip down the brand—to focus on the basics and look back to what made them so successful in the beginning. We provided a true north star by creating a brand book that not only covers how and when to use logos, but also color, photography, and overall tone of messaging. This book is meant to be an inspiration for both the people within Kodiak and anyone just being introduced to the brand. I also had the opportunity to be the photographer for Kodiak as well. With a bunch of help from my team, we were able to specfically craft the tone of the photography to match the tone of the brand.